How to configure Eclipse for EDNA (code style etc)

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Set up the Python interpreter for Pydev

  1. Open the eclipse preferences : "Window" -> "Preferences"
  2. In the "Preferences" window, open the "Pydev" item
  3. Click on "Interpreter - Python"
  4. Click on the "New" button next to the "Python interpreters" text field
  5. Select the python executable for the Python installation you would like to use (for example /usr/bin/python2.5 or C:\Python25\python.exe)
  6. Accept the selection proposed in the "Selection Needed" window by clicking on "OK"
  7. Close the "Preferences" window by clicking on "OK"

Set up the edna Pydev project

  1. Open the "Pydev" perspective (as above, if it is not visible open it with "Window" -> "Open Perspective" -> "Other", in the "Open Perspective" window choose "Pydev" and click on "OK")
  2. In the "Pydev Package Explorer" (on the left), right-click on the edna package and choose "Pydev" -> "Set as Pydev project"