How to create a data model without Enterprise Architect

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EDNA data modelling is not in any way dependent on Enterprise Architect (EA) for creating the data models. Although EA is an excellent tool, there could be cases when you cannot or you don't want to use EA for creating data models for EDNA plugins and/or applications.

OBS! If you want to modify the common data model in the kernel (XSDataCommon) you must use EA in order to generate the data model image. Note that any changes to XSDataCommon must be pre-reviewed in a code review. Therefore, if you don't have access to EA, you can suggest the changes to one of the EDNA kernel developers who have all access to EA.

EA is in the EDNA framework used for drawing an UML class diagram representing the data model and exporting this data model to an XSD file. Thus, if you don't want to use EA, you have two possibilities:

  • Write and edit the XSD file(s) without an UML modeller
  • Use another UML modeller which supports export to XSD

Writing and editing XSD files without an UML modeller

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Use another UML modeller which supports export to XSD

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