How to install the Topcased UML editor

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What is Topcased?

From the Topcased home page:

  • Critical systems Topcased is a software environment primarily dedicated to the realization of critical embedded systems including hardware and/or software.
  • Modeling Topcased promotes model-driven engineering and formal methods as key technologies.
  • Open-source Topcased is released as free/libre/open-source software by a group of partners from various organisations.

How to install the Topcased UML Editor in Eclipse - the EDNA way

Jérôme has set together a very nice video on how to do this: Configuration of Eclipse

Here are the instructions point by point if you don't want to see the whole video:

  • The Topcased UML modeler needs the "EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework". You can get this framework into Eclipse in two ways:
    • Download the Eclipse Modeling Tools package.
    • Add the "EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework" to your Eclipse installation by using the "Install New Software" functionality. The EMF framework is a part of the Galileo and Helios update sites.
  • Add the Topcased update site : to Eclipse
  • Install only the "Topcased UML Editor".

How to install the Topcased UML Editor in Eclipse - the official way

You can also try to follow the official instructions from the Topcased developers. Be warned though that several developers have reported that the following instructions don't work well:

  • Open the latest release notes for Topcased, for example: ReleaseNote4.1.0.pdf
  • In the first paragraph entitled "Requirements and Installation" there's a link to the "TOPCASED Installation Guide". Click on the link and open the guide.
  • In the installation guide go to Section 2.2: "From Software Updates ..."
  • Follow the instructions. On page 5, when doing "Click on the selected Topcased feature you wish to install", you only need to select "UML Editor". You can of course install more features if you want but the EDNA UML data modeling does for the moment not need any other features.
  • Follow the instructions to the end. Once Eclipse is restarted you will have access to the Topcased UML editor in Eclipse.

How do I now that my installation of the Topcased UML editor works?

  • In Eclipse, open the "Topcased Modeling" perspective (Window -> Open perspective -> Other...):


  • In the "Navigator", go to "edna/kernel/datamodel"
  • Double-click on "XSDataCommon.umldi"
  • Your Eclipse workbench should now look something like this: