How to set up the EDNA configuration file

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In order to work correctly the EDNA system must be configured. The EDNA configuration is a core part of the EDNA framework and can be used for many different purposes:

  • Configure the system dependent paths to third party software like CCP4, MOSFLM, XDS, BEST, RADDOSE etc.
  • Configure the default options of certain plugins, e.g. BEST strategy complexity
  • Configure the minimum and/or maximum allowed values for certain partameters, e.g. max RMS spot deviation after indexing and integration
  • Define the workflow, e.g. specify if either MOSFLM or XDS, or both, indexing programs should be used for indexing (this feature is not yet implemented...)

Creating a new configuration file

The easiest solution is to copy one of the configuration files in the EDNA prototype distribution to a new one. For example, copy




where you can replace yourSite with the name of your site (e.g. NSLS, Diamond etc). It's important to keep the "XSConfiguration_" prefix. The "yourSite" name is later referred to as $EDNA_SITE.

Edit the XSConfiguration_yourSite.xml file, you must change the paths to the following programs/packages required by EDNA:

  • bash shell script
  • MOSFLM version 7.0.1 or later
  • BEST version 3.1.0.d or later
  • RADDOSE version 4.2 of 2007-07-05
  • CCP4 version 6.0.2 or later (if the CCP4 setup script is sourced before starting EDNA CCP4 does not need to be configured)

Each plugin can be configured differently, with certain configration parameters being common to all plugins. In order to find the configuration options for a particular plugin open the wiki page for the plugin in particular (list of all plugins).