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Welcome to the EDNA wiki!

What is EDNA?

The answer to this question is currently best given in the EDNA framework article which has been published in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. However, as the EDNA project evolves rapidly, keep also an eye on the blog and the EDNA documents wiki page.

EDNA Project News

In order to find out the latest news about the EDNA project see the EDNA Blog

Getting Started

You are an end-user, you are interested in the multi-threaded aspect of EDNA to run efficiently CPU intensive tasks on a large set of data, possibly in quasi-real-time. Got to our Video Tutorial

You are a developer or a scientist, you want to create your own pipeline of data-analysis, create wrapper for specific executables with EDNA and have all that under control with tests. Please go to the DeveloperTutorial; but before starting coding you will have to install Python and Eclipse and configure them. Then you will be able to checkout EDNA from it's repository and check that the tests (at least for the kernel) passes on your computer.