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  1. Absorbers
  2. Beam position
  3. CBF
  4. Complexity
  5. package
  6. Crystal susceptibility to radiation damage
  7. Diffraction Image Gallery
  8. EDNA Coding Conventions
  9. EDNA Developers Meeting 2009-10-12 - 2009-10-13
  11. EDNA Prototype Version 1.0.1 Release Notes
  12. Experiment ESRF 20090209
  13. Experiment ESRF 20090216
  14. How to check out the EDNA sources
  15. How to clone the EDNA git repository
  16. How to commit changes back to the EDNA SVN repository
  17. How to configure Eclipse for EDNA (code style etc)
  18. How to create a data model the textual DSL
  19. How to create a data model with Topcased
  20. How to create a new EDNA data model with EA
  21. How to create an .xsd file from a Topcased UML model
  22. How to create an executable jar for the data bindings generator
  23. How to execute a program through a script
  24. How to generate PNG image of the data model
  25. How to generate XMI
  26. How to generate XSD
  27. How to generate a control plugin
  28. How to generate an execution plugin
  29. How to generate data bindings for EDNA
  30. How to generate implementation code for Xtext plugins
  31. How to install Enterprise Architect
  32. How to install Python
  33. How to install Xtext
  34. How to install pylint
  35. How to install the EDNA Eclipse tools
  36. How to install the Topcased UML editor
  37. How to make a generalisation with Topcased
  38. How to make a new data model class and add attributes with Topcased
  39. How to make a test suite
  40. How to make a unit-test case
  41. How to make a workflow with a control plugin
  42. How to make an association with Topcased
  43. How to make an execution test case
  44. How to make doc strings for EDNA code
  45. How to open an existing EDNA data model with EA
  46. How to request and perform a code review
  47. How to set up EVO for an EDNA Video Conference
  48. How to set up eclipse for EDNA developments
  49. How to set up the EDNA configuration files
  50. How to setup the scientific software

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