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Pre-screening of diffraction images -

I didn't know what CBF was - can we use imgCIF/CBF nomenclature ? Is CBF - the format used for the PILATUS ? Should DNA2 be including PILATUS as one of the detectors it can run with even though the SLS are not part of the collaboration. I don't know how quickly PILATUS will be used by other synchrotrons.

Indexing with mosflm

Is the default mode without a diffraction plan ie. no input knowledge of crystal system ? If the symmetry is forced - the output should be slightly different ?

- Indexing successful/failed in forced symmetry
- List of all possible solutions with weights


Suggestion for output - predicted pattern on diffraction patterns

Main success scenario

rms dev < *
cell dimensions check

Do we have any thoughts of cycling around -> Indexing failed pick up more images and try again !