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Use Case

This plugin can store to an ISPyB data base.

Required input


Characterisation results.

Configuration: host and port of the server running the DBServer.

Required output

Success or failure.

Data Model

The ISPyB specific data model: XSDataISPyBv01

Connecting to the dbserver on www.edna-site.org

A DBServer and an ISPyB database have been installed on the EDNA server. It's very easy to get access to this: Just set up an SSH tunnel with the command:

ssh -p xxxx -L 9090:edna:9090 your_edna-server_username@www.edna-site.org

Replace 'xxxx' with the secret ssh port number.

If you're behind a firewall ...

If you're behind a firewall where this port is blocked, then you need to first set up an SSH tunnel to a server where it's not blocked and then execute the step above from this unblocked server:

ssh -L 9090:localhost:9090 local_username@open-server
ssh -p xxxx -L 9090:edna:9090 edna_username@www.edna-site.org

It's also possible to execute the above commands with just one command-line:

 ssh -tt -L 9090:localhost:9090 local_username@open-server "ssh -p xxxx -L 9090:edna:9090 edna_username@www.edna-site.org"

(Note the "-tt" option.)

How to use it

Once authenticated, you can access the EDNA DBServer from your laptop / workstation on localhost on port 9090!