How to check out the EDNA sources

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Checking out the EDNA sources

  1. In the Eclipse project explorer, right-click and choose "Import..." (or choose "Import..." in the File menu)
  2. In the import wizard choose "Projects from Git" and click on Next
  3. If you don't see the edna repository in the "Select a Git Repository" view and you have not yet cloned it you must do so first:
    1. Click on "Clone..."
    2. Choose one of the following URIs:
      • Read-write:
      • Read-only:
    3. The master branch should be selected, click on Next
    4. Configure the local storage for edna. By default Eclipse suggests $HOME/git/edna.
    5. Click on Finish.
  4. If you have cloned the edna repository but you don't see it in the "Select a Git Repository" view you must first add it:
    1. Click on "Add..."
    2. Browse to the directory which contains the cloned repository
    3. Click on "Search"
    4. Make sure the EDNA repository is selected in the search results
  5. Make sure the EDNA reposiory is selected in the "Select a Git Repository" and click on next
  6. Don't change anything on the following page ("Import existing projects" and "Working directory") and click on Next
  7. Make sure "edna" is selected and click on "Finish"