How to install the EDNA Eclipse tools

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The "UML 2 XSD" tool is an Eclipse plugin written by Karsten Thoms who is working for a company called Itemis. This plugin is needed for converting a Topcased UML model to an XSD file which then can be used for generating the data binding classes using e.g. generateDS.

Adding the EDNA update site to Eclipse

  • In Eclipse, open Help->Install New Software...
  • In the "Install" popup window, click on "Add..."
  • In the "Add Repository" popup window, enter as name "EDNA" and as location "".

Installing "UML 2 XSD"

  • In the "Install" popup window, choose the EDNA update site in the "Work with" field
  • You should then see "UML 2 XSD" in the table below.
  • Check the tick-box next to "UML 2 XSD" and click on Next.
  • Follow the instructions. Accept the licence agreement agreement.
  • Once the installation is finished restart the workspace.