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What to do with results if they differ?

Difference in indexing:

  • Significantly different lattices
  • Significantly different symmetries

What do we mean with significantly?

For example:

  • Two programs give the same results, the third differ
  • All three programs differ
  • Two programs give different results, third program fails
  • One prgram give results very fast, the other two are much slower
  • ...


After having discussed with Andrew and Olof, sounds like Exposure Time (need confirmation from Pierre to know whether XDS uses the Exposure Time in the indexing), Aborbers and Anomalous Flag could be removed from the indexing inputs.

-- Marie-Francoise.

Error Cases

  • Let's suppose that we decide to launch 2 programs in parallel (MOSFLM and XDS) What should the Indexing plugin do if there is a system error with one of the 2 plugins? Should the Indexing plugin keeps on indexing with the other plugin? What should be the status of the Indexing plugin? SUCCESS or FAILURE?

-- Marie-Francoise.